Tallahassee, Florida


Florida State University




$14 Million

Design Description:

Located at the southeast perimeter of campus at the intersection of Macomb and Pensacola Streets, Parking Garage No. 5 provides 980 parking spaces for the southeast quadrant of campus. The 5 story, 350,000 square foot, garage was designed to allow for gated faculty/staff parking at the first floor and approximately 800 student parking spaces at the upper four floors. The building design takes advantage of the natural contours of the site to allow for direct vehicular access, from three separate existing roadways, to the first three levels of the garage. The building was designed as an open parking garage with a portion of the first and second floors below grade and was located on the site to allow for the future 45,000 square foot Center of Professional Development building to be constructed between the garage and Pensacola Street.


The garage is a precast concrete structural system with brick and cast stone veneer and is designed in the campus Collegiate Gothic style. The garage has two way traffic with 90 degree parking on each floor and at each of the interior ramps to maximize the number of parking spaces. Double scissor ramps at the interior portion of the facility allow for optimal traffic flow.