Design Description:

The FSU/ Aramark Grab-N-Go was a collaboration between FSU and Aramark to integrate a Food Service convenience store and Bus Stop to better serve the needs of FSU students. Barnett Fronczak Barlowe Architects provided design and construction services and worked with the FSU staff on site selection by developing visual layouts of the proposed site. It was important to both parties that the Bus Stop Grab-N-Go be as integrated into the existing context as possible and thus Barnett Fronczak Barlowe Architects provided continual visual graphics for the proposed design.


The project is located adjacent to the existing bus stop roundabout at Gate H at the FSU University Center. The interior Food Service Area contains a large reach in freezer/cooler unit, multiple refrigerated cases for prepared sandwiches and a cashier station. The attached covered portico contains benches, a drinking fountain and mounted TV’s for students to wait and eat. It is a 1,500 sf “quick stop” for students to grab a meal while waiting for the bus.