CAITLYN LODATO Interior Designer

Caitlyn Lodato
Caitlyn joined the BFBSA team in 2021 as an interior design intern. Less than a year later, after the completion her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Florida State University, she became a full-time interior designer for the team. Since her youth, Caitlyn has been captivated by the design of interior spaces, and after graduating high school she found her passion and purpose in designing for the well-being of others. Her current responsibilities include drafting and producing design and construction documents, producing presentation renderings, selecting interior finishes, and various other presentation materials. She is currently a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and plans to become more involved with the interior design community throughout her career. While not designing, Caitlyn uses her spare time to cook, travel, spend time outdoors, and go out with her fiancé and friends.